What might counselling be like with me?

Within a relationship built on trust and understanding, counselling can help you develop a deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance that can help initiate new ways of relating to yourself and others. It can also shed light on how issues from your past may have influence on how you experience the present.

Counselling is an opportunity to talk in confidence to someone who has been professionally trained to listen and respond in a non-judgmental way. It can support you in developing a greater awareness of life’s challenges, and help facilitate a change in the ways in which you deal with them.

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What counselling with me is NOT

I will not be sat with a notebook and pen, glasses perched on the end of my nose, bombarding you with difficult questions as you lay on a couch, I’ll leave all that to the movies. I will not be attempting to diagnose what is ‘Wrong’ with you, nor will I be judging your life choices and difficulties. I strongly believe that we are all wonderfully unique.

How does emotional difficulty occur?

It is my belief that from birth (and some say before that) we interact with our environment and an idea of who we are formulates. We begin to organise what we experience. Born with relational need, our outlook, disposition and development is influenced by how these needs are satisfied or missed. Neglect, or disruption, will encourage us to develop ways to appease our discomfort. So we adapt to the environment we experience, to live the best we can. Searching externally for self-worth, value and validation, we can become dependent on others to provide it.

How I believe change happens

Although our sense of fulfilment and growth can become hindered, I believe they simply lay waiting for the right conditions to be released again. Relationships, with ourselves and those around us, become a source of psychological difficulty. However, relationship can also be the vehicle for change. With an empowering and nurturing quality, a therapeutic relationship can provide a holding and accepting place for you, and it can become a place from which you can begin exploration, development, and change.

My role as a counsellor is to engage in a process where you can reconnect with your self-trust, and bring back a sense of self-worth. With a greater self-understanding and acceptance, counselling can stimulate a differing, flexible and robust way of dealing with emotional experiences.

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